February 25, 2004 Flash Flood Event
San Francisco State University

Photos: David Dempsey, Professor of Meteorology
Lisa White, Professor of Geology
John Monteverdi, Professor of Meteorology
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On February 25, 2004, extensive Flash Flooding occurred in portions of San Francisco and San Mateo counties in association with a convective cell embedded in a frontal band. Rainfall surveys indicate that between 1 and 1 1/2 inches of rain occurred in 30 minutes from northwestern San Mateo to southwestern San Francisco counties. As a result, over 40 homes were seriously damaged, and other damage to infrastructure (street washouts, damage to building contents etc.) is still being surveyed. The final damage total at SFSU alone was $8 million and the total is liable to be greater than $20 million to the two counties.

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The River
of No Return -- North Side of Thornton Hall Access Road

The River of No Return -- John Monteverdi standing on curb on north side of Thornton Hall access road. Water extends to curb level and is about 2 feet deep at the middle of the road.

South Access
Stairway -- 9:15AM

Mark Ciottola and Roque Baron-Jordan
Thornton Hall South Access Stairway -- 9:15AM

Flash Flood on east side of Thornton Hall

Flash flood showing current on east side of Thornton Hall

Flooding overflowed the berm between Thornton Hall and the Johnny Mathis Track.

Summary: Meteorological Overview Photo Pages: Page 1  |  Page 2  | 

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