Department of Earth & Climate Sciences

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Student Fellowships, Scholarships, and Awards

Department of Earth & Climate Sciences Grants

Research Grants (PDF)

Department of Earth & Climate Sciences Student Fellowships

The Professor Emeritus Dave Dempsey and Rebecca Douglass
Scholarship in Earth & Climate Sciences

The Professor Emerita Karen Grove and Jay Ach Fellowship

The John A. and Anna Monteverdi Fellowship in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

External Grants and Scholarships

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Grants-in-aid Program (Graduate)

ROTC Technical Meteorology Scholarship


Thalmann Award

This award, established in 1975 in honor of the late Professor Hans Thalmann, is presented annually to our most outstanding graduating senior for having demonstrated academic excellence anbd high standards of human concern, as best embodied in the memory of Professor Thalmann

Departmental Honoree

This award honors an oustanding graduate of the Bachelor Degree programs in either Geology or Meteorology. The award presentation is made at the University Honors Convocation, normally held the Thursday prior to graduation in late May..


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