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Distinguished Speakers Series for 2017-2018

Tuesdays 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Thornton Hall 604 (unless otherwise noted)

Please join us for lunch and refreshments in the Geoscience conference room
at 12:30. Seminar will begin at 1PM.

Seminar Coordinator: Yadira Ibarra
Graduate Seminar Coordinator: Lawrence Fujiwara

For disability-related accommodations: call (415) 338-2061or email (

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Spring 2018

January 30th
Multiple Meteoroid Impacts In Antarctica And The Mid-Brunhes Event/MIS 11 Stage: Are There Implications For Humanity?
Alan Rice
Department of Earth & Climate Sciences, San Francisco State University

February 6th
Pluvial lakes in the western United States: Reconstructing El Niño, storm tracks, and the water cycle
Daniel Ibarra
Department of Earth System Science, Stanford

February 13th
Coastal low cloudiness and fog enhanced ground water use efficiency in a California agricultural system
Sara Baguskas
Department of Geography & Environment, San Francisco State University

February 20th
Preservation of climatic and environmental signals in and across alluvial piedmonts
Luca Malatesta
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of California Santa Cruz

February 27th
The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum shows little impact on shallow marine mollusks

Carlie Pietsh

March 6th
Finding the soil moisture velocity equation
Fred Ogden
College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Wyoming
Semiannual Dawdy Lecture in the Hydrologic Sciences

March 13th
Challenges of Climate Change for Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Ecosystem Services-California Case Studies
Qinqin Liu
Department of Water Resources

March 20th

March 27th
Kate Hewett
Bodega Marine Laboratory, University of California Davis

April 3rd

April 10th
Michelle Newcomer (Alumni Speaker)

April 17th
Zan Stine (SFSU Faculty Speaker)

April 24th
Graduate student proposal presentation

May 1st
Graduate student proposal presentation

May 8th
Bachelor and Master of Science Thesis Defense

May 15th
Bachelor and Master of Science Thesis Defense

Fall 2017

September 5

Welcome Party

(1PM-2PM), TH 604

September 12

Department Lightning Talks

September 19

CO2 storage in geologic formations: experimental investigations of residual trapping and long term stability
Charlotte Garing
Department of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, Stanford University

September 26th
Earth Scientists Engaging in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
Jason Gurdak
Department of Earth & Climate Sciences, San Francisco State University

October 3rd

Due to Unforseen Difficulties, this Talk is CANCELLED
Recipes for Convective Self-Aggregation
Da Yang
Department of Earth & Planetary Science, University of California Berkeley

October 10th
Feedbacks between glacial stratigraphy, landslide hazards, and landscape evolution in NW Washington State
Jonathan Perkins
United States Geological Survey
Alumni Speaker

October 17th
Wind modulation of upwelling at the shelf-break front front off Patagonia: Observational Evidence
Magdalena Carranza
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California San Diego

October 24th
Dawdy Lecture in Hydrologic Sciences

Modeling systems for the evaluation of water management alternatives to protect groundwater-dependent ecosystems
Laura Foglia
Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, University of California Davis

October 31st
No Talk. GSA Week

November 7th
Corals as a Proxy for Ocean and Climate Variability
Amy Wagner
Geology Department, California State University, Sacramento

November 14th
Why do we care about transient aseismic slip faults?
Baptiste Rousset
Department of Earth & Planetary Science, University of California Berkeley

November 21st
No Speaker Series – Thanksgiving

November 28th
Icy ocean world interiors from gravity and topography
Doug Hemingway
Department of Earth & Planetary Science, University of California Berkeley

December 5th
Quaternary Geology of California's Galápagos--Channel Islands National Park
Kevin Schmidt
United States Geological Survey

December 7th

M.S. Thesis Defense

Correlation of erupted plutonic class and volcanic deposits from Newberry Volcano, Oregon

Katie Sullivan

December 12th   
No Speaker Series – American geophysical union (AgU)

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