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Distinguished Speakers Series for 2009-2010

Tuesdays 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Thornton Hall 604 (unless otherwise noted)

Please join us for lunch and refreshments in the Geoscience conference room
at 12:30. Seminar will begin at 1PM.


Seminar Coordinator: Petra Dekens (

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Archive of Presentation Topics


January 26th

Inoceramid bivalves, benthic ecology, and sources of intermediate waters in the Late Cretaceous North Atlantic
Kenneth MacLeod
University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of Geological Sciences

February 2nd

Probing Climate Change Impacts on High Elevation Groundwater Using Multiple Tracers
Jean Moran
California State University East Bay, Department of Earth and Environmental Science

February 9th

Cool Cuisine: Food Climate Connections
Eugene Cordero
San Jose State University, Department of Meteorology and Climate Science

February 16th

Into the Icehouse: What Ocean Algae Tell Us About Northern Hemisphere Glaciation
Kira Lawrence
Lafayette College, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

February 23rd

How did James Hutton Make Modern Geology and Why Should You Care
Steve Norwick
Sonoma State University, Department of Geology

March 2nd

Current Perceptions of California Tornadoes:  A Whirlwind of Change Since 1990
John Monteverdi
San Francisco State University

March 9th

Managed aquifer recharge as tool for sustainable management of ground water quality and quantity in agricultural basins.
Calla Schmidt
University of California, Santa Cruz, Earth and Planetary Sciences

March 16th

No seminar today

March 23rd – Student presentations

Post-Middle-Pleistocene Tectonic Development of the Confidence Hills, Southern Death Valley, California
Josh Goodman

March 30th

No seminar today – spring break

April 6th

Fire and Ice in Alaska: Adventures at Emmons Lake Volcanic Center, Eastern Aluetian Arc
Margaret Mangen
U.S. Geological Survey, Long Valley Observatory

April 13th

Geoscience for the Public Good:  The Challenges of Initialing the Clean Up of S.F. Bay at the Potrero Power Plant
Jay Ach
Port of San Francisco, Maritime Division

April 20th

Making Learning Meaningful: Using Technology to Foster Place-based Teaching in an Introductory Physical Geology Course
Julie Monet and Todd Greene
California State University, Chico, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
***Co-Sponsored with the Center for Science and Mathematics Education***

April 27th - Student presentations

Student conceptions of weather at multiple cognitive levels
Elizabeth Polito

MS thesis defense

April 29th – student presentations

Using surface curvature to map geomorphic process regimes in a bedrock landscape, Henry Mountains, Utah
Skye Corbett

MS thesis defense

Analysis of high-frequency radar data in Central San Francisco Bay

Max Hubbard

MS thesis defense

May 4th - Student presentations

The dependence of bedrock erodibility on rock material properties: is tensile strength enough?
Jonathan Beyeler
BS Thesis defense

Applying geochronology and zircon geochemistry in the Zanskar Himalaya, northwest India
Forrest Horton
MS Thesis proposal

Wave-driven set-up and surfzone circulation at Ocean Beach
Isaac Jones
MS Thesis proposal

May 11th - Student presentations

Effects of interannual to multidecadal climate variability on recharge in the United States
Amber Kuss
MS Thesis proposal

Damping characteristics of wave propagation across the muddy Louisiana shelf
Anita Engelstad
MS Thesis proposal

EBSD analysis of eclogitized rocks from the Marun-Keu complex, Polar Urals, Russia
Pariskeh Hosaini
MS Thesis proposal

May 13th - Student presentations

40Ar/39Ar thermochronometry of deformed muscovite from the Zanskar Shear Zone, NW India
John Sommerfeld
MS Thesis proposal

Effects of Climate Change on the Zero-Flux Plane in Semiarid Aquifer Systems
Brent Everett
MS Thesis proposal

Topographic and Lithologic Controls on Cobble and Boulder Distributions in Stream Channel Networks
Eric Donaldson
MS Thesis proposal

May 18th - Student presentations

Thermobarometry of Eclogite-Facies Shear Zones in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
Steve Dutra
BS thesis defense

Modeling recharge response in a California coastal aquifer to future climate conditions
Michelle Newcomer
MS Thesis proposal

Nonlinear energetics of shoaling ocean waves
Sang Pak
MS Thesis proposal

May 19th - Student presentations

Slip Rate on the San Andreas Fault, San Francisco Peninsula, California
Leah Feigelson
MS thesis defense

Geophysical evidence for Quaternary deformation within the offshore San Andreas Fault System, Northern California
Brian Stozek
MS Thesis proposal

May 20th - Student presentations

Upwelling conditions and sea surface temperature off Northern California in the early Pliocene
Chelsea Reed
MS thesis defense

Pliocene-Pleistocene climate evolution: was the cooling global?
Dominika Wojcieszek
MS thesis defense



September 1st
Welcome to a new academic year in the Department of Geosciences!
12:30-2PM, TH513

September 8th
No Seminar due to furlough day and campus closure

September 15th
Toward X-Ray Vision: Geophysical Signatures of the Complex Shallow Subsurface
Susan Hubbard
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
***Second Semi-annual Dawdy Lecture in the Hydrologic Sciences***
***Birdsall Dreiss Distinguished Lecture***

September 22nd
Water Flow Dynamics in the Changing Florida Everglades
Evan Variano
UC Berkeley, Civil and Environmental Engineering

September 29th
Rupturing Continental Lithosphere in the Main Ethiopian Rift: a hot plume meets a cold craton
Simon Klemperer
Stanford University, School of Earth Sciences
***NSF-MARGINS Distinguished Lectureship Program***

October 6th
Of Elephants, Earthquakes, Caves and Hot Rock - Recent Geological Engineering Adventures
Edmund Medley
Geosyntec Consultants
***Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology***

October 13th
Initial Results from the Bering Sea, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program leg 323
Ivano Aiello
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

October 20th
No seminar, GSA meeting

October 27th

Fieldwork on the seafloor: geology of the Nankai accretionary prism, Tenryu submarine canyon, Japan
Kurtis Burmeister
University of the Pacific, Department of Earth and Environmental Science

November 3rd
Sources and effects of acidic deposition on alpine lakes in National Parks of the Rocky Mountains

Leora Nanus
San Francisco State University, Department of Geosciences

November 10th
New tools for understanding and mitigating rock fall hazards in Yosemite National Park
Greg Stock
Yosemite National Park, Resource Management and Science

November 17th
Optical properties of evolving water masses in complex aquatic environments
Sherry Palacios
UC Santa Cruz, Department of Ocean Sciences

November 24th
No seminar, Thanksgiving break

December 1st
Student presentations

December 8th
Interpreting Pleistocene coastal terrace deposits overlying the 80-Ka wave-cut platform, Point Reyes Peninsula, Marin County, California
Steve Woodley, BS Thesis Defense

December 15th
Student presentations



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