1. Refereed Publications

Caskey, S. J., S. G. Wesnousky, P. Zhang, and D. B. Slemmons, 1996, Surface faulting of the 1954 Fairview Peak (Ms7.2) and Dixie Valley (Ms6.8) earthquakes, central Nevada, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 86, pp. 761-787.

Monteverdi, J.P. and S. Johnson, 1996: A supercell thunderstorm with hook echo in the San Joaquin Valley, California. WEA. FORECASTING, 10, 246-261.

2. Refereed Technical Memoranda, Books and Invited Conference Publications

Monteverdi, J.P., 1996: Flood-producing storm types in California. Invited Paper in Preprints. Symposium on the California Floods of the Winter of 1994-1995. Sierra College, Rocklin, CA.

Pestrong, R and J. Pestrong, 1996: Social & Political Agendas Involving Risk: A Study of Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters, in Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water: Approaching Natural Disaster, edited by Sayre and Horne, Open Door Publishers, Los Angeles, ch.2, p. 43-76.

Sullivan, R., T. Bray, and G. Bartow, 1996: Geology of Keller Canyon
Landfill and the Concord Naval Weapon Station: Field Guide, Northern
California Geological Society.

3. Papers Presented at Conferences and Symposia

Sawyer, T. L., Hitchcock, C. S., Knudsen, K. L., Crampton, T., Sawyer, J.E., and Caskey, S.J., 1996, Middle to late Quaternary strike-slip faulting on the northern Sierra frontal fault system, California, GSA Abstracts with Programs, 28, p. A108.

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Pestrong, R., l996: Earth Symphonies, Nat'l. Sci. Tchrs. Assoc., San Francisco, CA.

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Schroth, B., 1996: Surface Charge Properties of Kaolinite", Oral Presentation at Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 1996.

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southwestern Sacramento Basin; Abstract Volume, American Association of
Petroleum Geologists, (Cordilleran Section, San Francisco) vol. 5, p. A

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Abstract Volume, p. A150.

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Binkin, M., White, L., and Grove, K., 1995. Pleistocene diatom assemblages from around Tomales Bay and Comparison to Holocene diatoms from San Francisco Bay, CA (abs.): Pacific Section American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Society for S

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