Faculty Publications--1999

1. Refereed Publications

2. Refereed Technical Memoranda, Books and Invited Conference Publications

Caskey, S. J., and S. G. Wesnousky, 1999; Fault interaction and static stress triggering during the 1954 Rainbow Mountain-Fairview Peak-Dixie Valley earthquake sequence, central Nevada, GSA Abstracts with Programs, v. 31, no. 4, page P-43.

Grove, K., and Niemi, T., 1999, The San Andreas fault zone near Point
Reyes: late Quaternary deposition, deformation, and paleoseismology:
California Division of Mines and Geology Special Publication 118, p.

Lipps, J., D'Antonio, C., Grove, K., Hickman, C., Mishler, B., and Zhigan,
W., 1999, Geology and natural history of the central Coast Ranges: Berkeley
to Bodega Head, California: California Division of Mines and Geology,
Special Report 118, p. 1-14.

Sullivan, M.D., Sullivan, R., and Waters, J., 1999, Sequence stratigraphy and incised valley architecture of the Domengine Formation, Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, California, in D.L. Wagoner and S.A. Graham, eds., Geologic Field Trips in Northern California, Centennial Meeting of the Cordilleran Section of the Geological Society of America, California Division of Mines and Geology Special Publication, v. 119, p. 202-213.

3. Papers Presented at Conferences and Symposia

Bell, J. W., S. J. Caskey, A. R. Ramelli, L. Guerrieri, A. M. Sarna-Wojcicki, 1999; Timing of late Quaternary faulting in the central Nevada seismic belt, GSA Abstracts with Program, v. 31, no. 4, p. P-42.

Barr, J. and S. J. Caskey, 1999; Northern continuation of the Serra fault to southwest San Francisco: constraints on uplift rates and style of deformation on the San Francisco Peninsula, GSA Abstracts with Programs, 31, no. 6, p. A-36.

Caskey, S. J., Wesnousky, S. G., and Bell, J. W., 1999; Surface faulting and slip distribution for the 1954 Rainbow-Mountain-Stillwater earthquake sequence, Central Nevada, GSA Abstract with Programs, 31, no. 6, A-44.

Domrose, C., Grove, K., and Neiss, J., 2000, Stratigraphy of late
Quaternary alluvial deposits and implications for the evolution of San
Andreas fault strands in the Olema Valley north of San Francisco:
Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs (to be presented at
April meeting).

Grove, K., 1999, Local, field-based projects excite undergraduates about
research: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 31, n.
7, p. A319.


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