The Haunted Catacombs


Map of "The Haunted Catacombs" with some of the locations highlighted below. Mmmooooohhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa!!!!


The Entry

Well, the flash makes it look hokey. But in the dark, red and green subdued lighting reflects off the fluorescent green and orange paint, creating a very spooky atmosphere. The brown paper "rock" walls are grey in the subdued lighting.

Stalactites and Entry to the Dungeon

Look closely and you will see the profile of a pretty impressive skeleton behind dungeon walls. Black stalactites are in the way with a bat flying between them.

Rat's Grotto

What you may not notice is the mirror about the skeleton head and another one to the right. When you enter this area in the dark, you see your own reflection approaching you from the distance in the large mirror. Pretty startling. The smaller mirror reflects a gargoyle hidden behind your head. If you look closely in the larger mirror, you will see a reflection of the Guardian, whose picture is below.


The Guardian

Looks better in the dark.

Mummy's Tomb

There is a flashing red light behind the coffin. IN the dark, the green looks fluorescent and there is a passage way of hanging green snakes ahead.

Phantom's Spirit

And in the dark it looks real enough to make people suspect that it is a human dressed up.

Peekaboo Spirit

After you pass the spirit, you go into this grotto. See the reflection off the six foot mirror to the left of the head emerging from the rocks. Another startling effect when you see yourself moving towards it.


Werewolf Imprisoned

Only illuminated by subdued green light, the werewolf is behind bars, and over his head is a lantern with a skeleton head surrounded by spiders hanging from the ceiling..

Passage to the Lower Catacomb

On the other side of the werewolf lies a very spooky passage. You have to step up past the Grim Reaper, past that spirit on the stairway, and then several steps down.

Grim Reaper and Entry to the Lower Catacomb

Yikes. Come through that last curtain (there are 7 of these curtains to create disorientation), you see this 7' guy with shining red eyes in the dark. You can see a disembodied head (or part of it) to the right guarding the descent.... 

Descent of Doom the lower catacomb. Again, in the dark, this is very effective, with that mirror reflecting a murky image of yourself (which you can't quite make out). This is a three step drop and there are hand rails on either side. 


Couple of pictures of the ensuing passage did not come out. And this picture of the graveyard simply does not do it justice. Everything is fluorescent, and there is 1/3 of the graveyard not shown to the right. There is a fan causing all the spirit things to move about, and a strobe to provide lightning. One of four sound systems are in this area. Even the fence is fluorescent and everything else is dark black. In the background,is a fluorescent full moon, (which you cannot see here). 

The Thing

Darn, just when you come through the graveyard, you encounter one of four curtains. There is a 5 foot gargoyle thing behind the first one...illuminated by red light. This makes it look hokey, all orange plastic...but in the dim red light, very effective....AND...there is a real spook in the haunted catacomb dressed up EXACTLY like this guy. So people never know.... 

Styx Crossing

A passage way that crosses the river Styx (blood). In the right there are things that are motion sensed...and pop out as you walk by. Arms and legs are sticking out of the walls and several mirrors (show up as dark areas) are ahead. 

Trophy Hallway

Across the Styx nyou enter a hallway that first has trophies of heads which are illuminated from within...which you cannot make out here and there are three others that you cannot see in this view. 

Skeletons Scaffold

After a curatin, you are walking towards a mirror with skeletons hanging. There are seven skeletons that are also reflected byt he mirror creating an illusion of 14 skeletons. Another disembodied head at upper right, and the black plastic on the right is the removable wall of one of the "blinds" (one of three).


After this, the exit is reached, but the red plastic you can see in the first picture can be rotated to close off the entrance and create a corridor directing victims unknowlingly back into the maze.