A Tour of John's House In Oakland's Rockridge/Upper Temescal District

With Previous Color Combination in 2000

See the new (September 2002) colors:
Movie 1 (MPEG, 19 MB) and Movie 2 (MPEG, 7 MB)

The house is an example of the Oakland/Berkeley bungalow style so prevalent of the area of north Oakland and south Berkeley.  It was built in 1922.  

I purchased the house in 1986 and made the following changes that have upgraded its appearance:

  • new roof
  • driveway
  • gates and fences on the left
  • privacy screen on the right
  • removed dying Monterey pine in front and replace with liquid amber


At left is a view of the small front yard garden.

Take a tour:

  1. entry and living room
  2. dining room
  3. guest bedroom
  4. hallway and bathroom
  5. office and master bedroom
  6. kitchen and laundry room
  7. kitchen under construction
  8. kitchen finished
  9. deck
  10. back yard

View of My Street and Neightboring Houses