First, The House Plan. Know it is difficult to read, but you can see where the kitchen is located, combining the breakfast nook and the laundary room (double rectangular window near back of house). This means two walls to come down.

This is the original concept. An (overexposed) photo out of an Arts and Crafts Home Guide. The cabinets are not prefabricated, but are fashioned by a cabinet maker.  

The cabinets in my kitchen will resemble these and will be crafted by Dan Long.

This shows the laundry room area. The original wall separating that from the breakfast nook came down, with a new bearing rafter across the top, and the original shed room ceiling lowered and leveled.

A window on the right has been filled in because that is where the pantry and refrigerator will go.

Compare with original view on previous page.

Here comes the rough cabinetry .

The yellow linoleum covered brick linoleum.  The brick linoleum covered 1940s style square gray linolem.  The gray stuff covered (was glued and nailed to) heart, tongue and groove Douglas Fir.  It is in too bad a shape to be salvaged and a new hard wood floor will go in.

I replaced the double hung windows with double paned double hung windows.

Here comes the plywood counter top with the sink inset.  You can see the cabinetry that will surround the refrigerator.

Here you can see the cabinetry that encompasses the frig and the pantry next to it.  You can also see the new washer and drier and the new French style window to the right of the back door.

Some of that grey linoleum square stuff is visible on the floor.  Also, Mark Dykhouse, the contractor, built the small pony wall between the drier and the pantry.  It will be topped with granite and wainscotting on the side.

This is the hood above the stove area. Note the two cabinets with granite counter tops.  The top of the hood is still covered with protective white plastic.

This the detail above the washer.  Note the smoot curve to allow room for the back toor to open.

The granite is mostly hornblende, biotite with plagioclase, orthoclase and quartz. This gives it a brownish-red cast on a gray background with some swirls of white.  This picture does not do it justice.

Wainscotting is made of separate tongue-in-groove heart wood.  It is beautiful.

Here you get the feeling for the wainscotting.

One Step Closer....