The lot is phenomenally long for an urban property:  251 feet.  It is also steeply sloped.  The main walkway is pressure-treated douglas fir with river rock designed and installed by Sergio Machado.

The garden was entirely installed by me.  The previous owner did not even have a stairway down to this fantastic space and allowed the yard to overgrow with fennel, blackberry and other weeds.

All terracing was completed by me and every single plant you see in this picture was planted by gradually over the years.

Here is a closeup of the walkway.  It is really cool and reminds me of walkways in national parks.

The lights are solar powered.

These pictures were taken in late fall and not many plants but a few roses were still in bloom.
This is where the walkway starts directly underneath the deck. Note the New Zealand tree ferns.


The vegetable garden and sitting area.

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