National Weather Service Forecast Office
San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey

Satellite Field Office


San Francisco State University
Department of Geosciences

National Weather Service Media Workshop

Thornton Hall, Room 604

Monday, May 12, 2003

11:00 AM

(Quicktime Movie ~872 MB)

The first official function scheduled for the new NWS Satellite Field Office was a media workshop on new developments in the NWS.


11:00 AM:        Opening Remarks


11:15 AM:        Digital Forecasts   the the new forecast paradigm at the National Weather Service (Quicktime Movie ~700 MB)

  •      Generating forecast grids at the NWS Forecast Office
  •     National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD)
  •      Access to gridded forecasts


12:00 PM:        Overview of current National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) models


12:30 PM:        Digital video: NWS Monterey will have the ability to do interviews via phone and send the video of the interview to Bay Area media.


12:45 PM:        Emergency Response Dispersion Modeling in support of Homeland Security (presented by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)


1:00 PM:          General Discussion: open to all attendees



The workshop allowed members of the media to interact with Dave Reynolds, the Meteorologist-in-charge (below, left) , Warren Blier (far background), Science Operations Officer, and Duane Dykema, Lead Forecaster (below, right) of the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Monterey.


Prof. Lisa White, Chair, Deparment of Geosciences welcomes Dave Reynolds, Meteorologist-in-charge, WFO, San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey
A nice audience was present for the Media Workshop.

Chair Lisa White and MIC Dave Reynolds convening the Workshop.


Dave Reynolds in the midst of his presentation on the IFPS.