The Earth orbits the Sun at a distance of 150 million kilometres, and the Moon in turn orbits the Earth.
Sunlight takes about 8 minutes, 19 seconds to reach Earth.
Speed of light in different units
metres per second 299,792,458 (exact)
kilometres per second 300,000
kilometres per hour 1,079 million
miles per second 186,000
miles per hour 671 million
astronomical units per day 173
Planck units 1 (exact)
Travel times for light
Distance Time
one foot 1.0 ns
one metre 3.3 ns
one kilometre 3.3 μs
one statute mile 5.4 μs
the length of Earth's equator 134 ms
from Moon to Earth 1.3 s
from Sun to Earth 8.3 min
one parsec 3.26 years
from Alpha Centauri to Earth 4.4 years
across the Milky Way 100,000 years
from Andromeda Galaxy to Earth 2.5 million years
All values are approximate unless noted otherwise.