Lessons from the El Reno May 31, 2013 Tornado Tragedy

125 points

Due Wednesday 25 April 2018

We will view the Documentary Video and the Supporting Tornado Videos in Class on Wednesday 18 and Friday 20 April 2018. Presentations will be Wednesday 25 April.

  1. What are the major factors contributing to danger to meteorologists researching tornadoes in the field, as outlined in the Documentary on the El Reno OK tornado? (35 pts)
  2. The three researchers of the TWISTEX team were killed because of one of the factors outlined in the Documentary. Discuss which briefly? (15 pts)
  3. List three of these factors that the Reed Timmer group ignored in their activities related to the Wray CO tornado of May 7, 2016 (15 pts)
  4. List three of these factors that Bruin team ignored in their activities related to the Katie OK tornado of May 9, 2016 (15 pts)
  5. List three ways the tornado observing shown in the Garfield video of the forming Dodge City KS tornado of May 24, 2016 illustrate safe field research behavior. (15 pts)
  6. In watching the Documentary (in (1) above), and then watching the video (in (4) above), there is irony. What is it? (5 pts)
  7. Presentations (25 pts): (1) Nicolas, Emma; (2) Rami, Linda; (3) Yan Tung, Wyndham; (4) Rami, Kellan; (5) Tanay, Deon; (6) Cynthia