ERTH 465 Inclass Exercises

ERTH 465 Lab Assignments

Inclass Exercise 1: Breaking the Wind into Components

Inclass Exercise 2: Using the Del-Operator--Three-dimensional Divergence of the Wind

Inclass Exercise 3: Streamline Curvature

Inclass Exercise 4: Thickness Contours, Fronts, Baroclinic and Barotropic States

Inclass Exercise 5: Gradient Wind Divergence associated with Short Waves and Long Waves

Inclass Exercise 6: Thermal Wind

Inclass Exercise 7: Dines Compensation

Inclass Exercise 8: Divergence in Natural Coordinates

Inclass Exercise 9: Pressure Tendency Equation and Dines Compensation

Inclass Exercise 10: Case Study of Diablo Wind Event, October 8-9, 2017

Final Inclass Exercise 11: Diagnosing Fronts and Upper Tropospheric Divergence Using Vorticity Patterns (Including Presentations)


Lab Exercise 1:

Temperature Tendency Equation and Temperature Advection

Lab Exercise 2

Basic Skills Review

Lab Exercise 3

Basic Chart Diagnosis and Interpretation

Lab Exercise 4

Contouring Isobars and Isohypses

Lab Exercise 5(pdf version)

Surface Weather Observations (METARS) and Frontal Analysis

Lab Exercise 6

Vertical Consistency and Thickness Analyses

Lab Exercise 7

Southern Hemisphere General Circulation

Lab Exercise 8

Absolute Geostrophic Vorticity