Fall 2017

ERTH 465:
Synoptic and Mesoscale Meteorology
of the Middle Latitudes
formerly Weather Analysis
and Forecasting I)
TTh 810-1200, 604 Thornton Hall

Last Updated
Thu, August 24, 2017 7:40 AM
Instructor: John Monteverdi
Prof. of Meteorology
Office: 621 Thornton Hall
Office hours:
W9-11 and by appointment
Phone: 8-7728
E-mail: montever@sfsu.edu

"...Quasi-geostrophic theory has been the backbone
of synoptic-scale weather forecasting in the middle latitudes
for decades...."

"..Quasi-geostrophic theory provides a simple yet elegant explanation for the develpoment and evolution of circulation systems outside of the equatorial regions, including the subtropical highs, wave cyclones, and hurricanes. .."