Meteorology 400

Inclass Assignment

November 20, 2009


1.  Using the script mod_grib, print out the following for the region centering on 38N, 120W (-re=38,-120.  (Each person should turn in a stapled set with your name on it)


      300 mb heights (contour interval 120 meters) (-lev=300 -in=120)


      500 mb heights (contour interval 60 meters)


      700 mb heights (contour interval 30 meters)


      850 mb heights (contour interval 15 meters)


      Surface isobars (contour interval 1 mb)  (Note:  the syntax for the surface chart includes –lev=snd)


      300 mb convergence (-var=conv)


      500 mb vertical velocity (-var=vvel, -in=2)


2.  Using the script nam_maps nam_thick and nam_maps nam_vort print out the initializations for today -ft=init. Do advection analysis and fronts on nam_thick; Find trough and ridges (using correct symbols) on nam_vort.


3.  Chris Group: Vanessa and Lexee; Sang Group: Nick, Xiu and Jaq


Sang Group: Work together so that you can comment on how well the general principle of Dine’s Compensation works for this case (with respect to the area east of the upper troughs).


Chris Group: Work together so that you can comment on the relative positions of features from level to level…be able to answer questions relating to the general rule that from 850 mb on up the troughs and ridges appear to be in the same position, but that the “jet stream” tends to intensity.


Chris and Sang: Comment on fronts.