4.  (Oceanographers)  Examine the three images below which show the current information, SST, and altimetry for January 1, 2008.


(a)  Indicate the following on the SST chart:  (a) Loop currentl;  (b) one cold ring or eddy;  (c)  one warm ring or eddy.  (5 pts each)


(b)  Cite the evidence you see on the chart that the currents shown are in geostrophic balance. (15 pts)


Geostrophic balance should be evident in the relation of the current vectors to the sea-surface altimetery. Geostrophic currents should flow parallel to the altmeter contours, clockwise around highs and counterclockwise around lows in the Northern Hemisphere. This is indeed was is observed on the current and sea-surface height charts.