The Purpose of the Abstract

Your abstract should present a succinct summary of the research and results of the work you completed for your thesis/dissertation. Many researchers read abstracts to determine the relevance, reliability and quality of a source; therefore, if you create a clear and concise abstract, others are more likely to read your entire document.

An abstract is a brief summary of the purpose, methods, results, and conclusion of your research effort. Since your abstract is used as a research tool by other researchers, there are some standard guidelines to assist you in writing an abstract that is both informative and concise:

In-class Exercise

1. Evaluate the following Abstracts on the basis of the guidelines above.

Team 1: Ryan, Colin, Sierra

Team 2: Emily, Malori, Craig

Team 3: Geoff, Yilin, Andrew

Bold=Leader and Spokesperson of the Group (will change from week to week)

2. Be able to summarize briefly the major results of the paper whose Abstract you evaluated. (Note: you may not be able to if the Abstract is improperly written, but be flexible...if the article is a "think" piece, it may not have quantitative results to summarize).