Fall 2008
Metr 430:
Weather Analysis and Forecasting
MW 810-1200, 604 Thornton Hall
Last Updated
Wednesday, August 27, 2008 10:04 AM
Instructor: John Monteverdi
Prof. of Meteorology
Office: 613 Thornton Hall
Office hours:
F 9-10; T11-Noon; Th 8-9 or by appt.
Phone: 8-7728
E-mail: montever@sfsu.edu

"...In spite of progress in the development of quantitative techniques, the conventional forecaster will have an important part to play. His wide experience of local and regional conditions, orographic and topographic influences, moisture and pollution sources, etc., will be invaluable in supplementing the machine-made forecasts. .."

"...It appears, therefore, that the time has come for a reorientation of the training of forecasters. This reorientation should aim at minimizing (and, if possible, eliminating) the difference between what is commonly called synoptic and dynamic meteorology..."

Petterssen, S. (1956): Weather Analysis and Forecasting (2nd Ed.), McGraw-Hill, New York, in the preface (pp.vii-viii)