METR 430

Weather Analysis and Forecasting I

Prof. John Monteverdi
Dept. of Geosciences
SFSU, Fall 2010

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Week of Tentative Event/Assignment Week
December 15  
December 8 15
December 1 14
November 17 13
November 10
November 3 11
October 27 10
October 20 9
October 13 8
October 6 7
September 29 6
September 22
  • Reading (all already assigned)
    • Bluestein, pp. 32-40; 37-73; bottom of page 187-190
    • Djuric, (Already assigned--Chps 1, 2); Chapter 3; Chapter 4, pp. 50-52; Chapter 6, 88-96; Chapter 7, 105-107; Appendix A, B, C and D
    • Stull (Already assigned--Chapter 1; Chapter 9 179-189)
  • GWAR: The creation of a proper title, abstract and introduction
  • Laboratory
September 15 4
September 8 3
September 1

Forecasting and Synoptic Meteorology

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement


Read Introduction of Monteverdi and Edwards. Note the way we inserted background information on the event in question; this is because that established the importance of the paper, but was not a centerpoint of it.

On the other hand, establishing the importance of the wave cyclone of 4 January 2008 WILL be an important centerpoint of your paper, so this material will be more complete and be found in a separate section of your paper.

By Wednesday 15 September, draft a portion of your paper that will include background. Use the AMS style outlined in the links above. This includes referencing, as explained in class, and should be included in a separate reference section, as is shown in the Monteverdi and Edwards paper.

Your research paper will be about the length of Monteverdi and Edwards. However, most of it will be devoted to just discussing the storm and why it was significant as well as doing some analysis of it.

Everyone will use the same title. For now it will be "A Case Study of the Remarkable West Coast Wave Cyclone of 4-5 January 2008". We can change the title later if the content of the paper suggests a change.



  • Djuric; Chapter 1, 2 and 3 through page 40.
  • Stull: Chapter 1; Chapter 9-pp. 143-149


Aug 24
  • Coordinate Systems and Evaluating Pressure Gradients

Forecast Contest:

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement


Laboratory 1: Temperature Advection


Homework 1 (Due Wednesday 7 September)

  • Reading Assignments:

    In Textbooks for completion by 7 September:

    Carlson, Introduction and Chapter 1
    Djuric, Chapters 1 and 2; pp.29-41
    Vasquez (WxFcstHandbook) Chp 1-3

For Monday, 8 September, read Doswell, C.A. III, 1986: The Human Element in Weather Forecsting, Nat. Wea. Dig., 11, 6-17.