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Meteorology 535/835


Homework 2: Due at Beginning of Class, September 16, 2011). (Students Reviewing These Papers Are Released from this Homework)



Reading 1:       The Distinction between Large-scale and Mesoscale Contribution to Severe Convection:  A Case Study Example (pdf)



1.  How might forecasters might infer that the low level moisture field might be modified to remove one of the two obstacle for convection in the Topeka area.





2.  Doswell's definition of "dynamics" and "thermodynamics" has been adopted generally in the profession (despite the misuse of these terms still in the field). What are those definitions?





3.  Why could the quasigeostrophic forcing for vertical motion be more significant for the subtle patterns in the middle and upper troposphere during Spring and Summer? (This question involves considerable synthesis at a qualitative level. Make sure you discuss WHY the patterns in the spring and summer might be expected to be associated with weaker quasigeostrophic effects yet the equation provides the answer to how these effects can be increased despite this).