Metr 835 Paper Grade


  1. Style  (Evalaluated on the basis of GWAR assessment standards from Metr 430).


  1. Were references provided that were necessary, in correct format and appropriate?
  2. Were the references in the Bibiography actually used in the text?
  3. Were figures numbered sequentially and referred to sequentially in the text?
  4. Was the English syntax and structure correct?
  5. Was tense consistent throughout?
  6. Was editing complete (no one sentence paragraphs, paragraphs without topic sentences, contractions,  misspellings,runon sentences,  sentences that made no sense as written  etc.)?
  7. Were figures constructed well?
  8. Was it clear that adequate proofreading was done and that the final hard copy was formatted in a readable manner?



B.  Content


1.     Was background given establishing extremity of event using Storm Data as a reference?

2.     Did the introduction “introduce” as opposed to summarize (which can appear in the conclusions)

3.     Were figures adequate to prove the points made in the text?

4.     Were locations labeled on figure(s) and referred to in the text?

5.     Were the figures accurately produced?

6.     Was jargon correct and aptly used?

7.     Was reasoning sound and does it make sense as written?

8.     Was enough narrative provided to give proper scientific context, or did the paper appear to be an outline of future work?





Style  (A few minor error or issues 40 pts;  A few moderate number of errors 30 pts;  Many errors mostly do to lack of proofreading; 20-29 pts; Many errors showing lack of concentration, 10 pts)


Figures (Excellent with a few minor issues 10 pts down to 0 pts for no effort).


Content (A few errors or omissions, 50 pts;  A few minor errors 45 pts;  Many errors mostly do to lack of proofreading or to lack of thoughtful evaluation of the scientific issues; 30-40 pts; Many errors showing lack of concentration, 20- 29 pts;  Awful 10 pts)