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Platform Requirements

This module uses streaming Flash media files, which may not be playable in all browser platforms. If you must use this module with an unsupported platform, choose the "Print Version" option when you launch the module. To obtain the plug-in for the Flash Player free of charge from Macromedia, follow the link below. The appropriate ActiveX control will install itself automatically if you are using Microsoft® Internet Explorer®. (It will ask you for permission before doing so.)

Enabling Pop-Up Windows
Newer versions of Mozilla®, Netscape®, and Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 (specifically running on Microsoft Windows® XP with Service Pack 2) offer users the opportunity to block pop-up windows that often contain advertising on commercial Websites. Some of these browsers turn on pop-up blocking by default. All of these browsers offer the option to exclude user-specified sites from pop-up blocking. It is imperative that exceptions be allowed for domain to open pop-up windows as they are extensively used in COMET Web modules to display content (no ads, really!). You may also want to allow pop-ups from other domains as well, e.g.,,, Refer to the "Help" pages of your specific browser for instructions on how to perform this step (which varies greatly by browser, but is generally associated with privacy settings for that browser).

ActiveX Controls for Download and CD/DVD Archive Versions
Users of the download versions (and CD/DVD archives) of COMET Web modules using Internet Explorer 6 on a PC with Windows XP, Service Pack 2, will also need to allow ActiveX controls to run from the local hard disk (wherever you installed the download) or from the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive from which you are viewing archive discs. COMET Web modules use the Macromedia Flash Player to enrich your multimedia experience. All browsers except for Internet Explorer use a plug-in for this functionality. Internet Explorer uses ActiveX controls versions of the Flash Player. Due to more stringent security measures implemented by Service Pack 2, most users will get a warning or error message alerting them to the fact that an application is trying to use an ActiveX control from a local disc and is being blocked by default. If you do not allow this access, Flash-based Web modules will not run; however, in a corporate or government computing environment, individual users may not have permission to change this setting unless they have "Administrator" level computer permissions. Individuals in those computing environments should coordinate this activity with management and their IT department. To enable ActiveX controls in files on hard disc and from CD ROM (applies only to computers running Windows XP, Service Pack 2), click "Tools/Internet Options/Advanced" and scroll down to "Security." Click the checkboxes for allowing ActiveX on CD and in files on My Computer (click the Apply and OK buttons, then exit). Please realize that other downloaded software and CD-DVD ROMs could contain "hostile" ActiveX controls that could damage your system so you might prefer to uncheck the checkboxes when viewing html content from other sources.

What is streaming audio?

Streaming audio or video is a technique for playing media files over the Internet. With streaming media, the audio or video file can begin to play after a brief buffer period, without having downloaded the entire file. This means long segments can be played even with slower Internet connections.

Note: While the Flash media is loading, the hourglass icon will appear as the cursor. This may continue after the audio has started to play.

Browser Requirements

This Web module uses frames and JavaScript 1.2. It has been tested and runs properly under Netscape Communicator version 6.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0. Other browsers are not supported. You should confirm that JavaScript is enabled on your browser before you begin.

Screen Resolution

For best viewing, your desktop area or screen resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 pixels, and your color palette should be set to High Color (16-bit) or greater.

If you are viewing this module on a monitor with a screen resolution of 800 x 600, we strongly recommend that you close all the toolbars in your browser. Doing so will eliminate the need to scroll. In Internet Explorer, click View, then Toolbars, then deselect all the toolbars. In Netscape Navigator 4.x and 6.x, click the tab on the far left edge of each toolbar.

Use of Frames

This site makes use of frames. You should refrain from using the Back and Forward functions of your browser to navigate, as you may not end up where you intended. To navigate between sections or pages, use only the menu bar on the left side of the screen when you are in the main body of the module.

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