Geology Field Courses

As of summer 2007, the B.S. in Geology includes a 4-6 unit Capstone requirement. One way to satisfy this requirement is to take GEOL 697 ("Undergraduate Research", 2 units) and GEOL 698 ("Senior Thesis", 2 units) and complete a senior thesis. The other way is to complete a geology field course.

In the past, SFSU's Department of Geosciences offered a version of a geology field course, GEOL 696 ("Field Geology", 5 units), but it has not been offered in recent years. However, any course roughly comparable to it offered by another university will also satisfy the Capstone requirement.

Traditionally, most field geology courses are intensive, multi-week "geology field camp" experiences conducted in the field, usually during the summer. An excellent source of information about geology field camps, including how to choose one, scholarships available for attending one, and a partial list of colleges and universities that offer geology field camps, is provided by

Of course, you should be sure to consult your major advisor before deciding how to satisfy the Capstone requirement!

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