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Completed Theses
(N.B. Thesis Advisor listed in parentheses following thesis title)

Peter Gorman. Fall 2004. Spatial and Temporal Variability of Hydraulic Properties in the Russian River Streambed, Central Sonoma County, California (LaForce)

Regan M. Long, 2004: Northern California shelf circulation during January 2003: possible implications for shelf retention (Garfield)

Ted Schlaepfer, 2004: Documentation of a Tornadic Supercell in the San Joaquin Valley, CA (Monteverdi) PowerPoint Presentation--(Note: 20 MB)-- and PDF of Thesis (Note: 49.1 MB)

Megan Simpson, 2004: Background Trace Element Concentrations in the Franciscan Formation San Francisco, California (LaForce) PowerPoint Presentation--(Note: 5 MB)

Erdmann Rogge, 2003: Hydrostratigraphy of the Westside Groundwater Basin, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, California (LaForce)

Charlotte Hedlund, 2003: Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of the Northern Groundwater Basin, San Mateo County, California (LaForce)

Drew Kennedy, 2003: Rapid late Pleistocene uplift and evidence for mid to late Holocene movement on the Serra fault, northern San Francisco Peninsula (Caskey)

Carolyn Randolph, 2003: Neotectonic investigation of the southern Rodgers Creek fault, Sonoma County, California (Caskey)

Gary Lipari, 2001: Thermodynamic and shear parameters associated with verified tornadoes in northern and central California, 1990-1994 (MS: Special Major in Operational Meteorology) (Monteverdi)

Julie Monet, 2000: Liquefaction susceptibility of the north half of the San Francisco South and Hunter's Point 7.5-minute quadrangles (Caskey)

David Morris, 1999: Petrology of Franciscan Complex eclogites from Mendocino County, California: A new locality (Mustart)

Kathy L. Pagan, 1996: Detection of polar stratospheric clouds over Antarctica using AVHRR satellite imagery (Garcia)

Ongoing Thesis Projects
Jonathan Boxerman: The Fractal Nature of Tafoni Weather Patterns? (Pestrong)

David Blair Bridges, Paleomagnetic field inclinations from shallow drill holes on Mauna Loa volcano, Hawaii (Grove)

Robert I. Davies, Morphometric measurements of Pleistocene mastodon and mammoth fossils from California (White)

Jennifer Davis: Topographic and tectonic controls on sediment grain size distribution. (Sklar)

Jessica Fadde: The influence of episodic sediment supply on gravel river bed texture. (Sklar)

Michael Fainter: The influence of variable discharge and sediment supply on river channel width. (Sklar)

Joseph W. Farrow, An experimental analysis of sediment transport in the Redwood Creek watershed (Sklar)

Eric W. Ford, Miocene volcanic rocks at Burdell Mountain and implications for slip along the east bay fault system (Caskey)

Peter D. Gorman, Temporal and spatial variability of hydraulic conductivity in the Russian River streambed, Sonoma, CA (La Force)

Kristin Hepper, A new cold seep locality in the Mesozoic Great Valley Group, Guenoc Ranch, northern California (White)

Peter Gorman, Expected Spring 2004: Temporal and Spatial Variability of Hydraulic Conductivity in the Russian River Streambed, Sonoma County, California. (LaForce)

Matthew Horrigan, The Etymological Dictionary of Geology (Mustart)

Andrew Matthew, Expected Spring 2005: A Geochemical and Geophysical Investigation of the Serpentine Soils at the Presidio, San Francisco, Ca. (LaForce)

Zita Maliga, Hydrological reconstruction of extinct thermal spring systems using Hydrobiid snail paleoecology (White)

Kasha A. Parker, Surfical sediment distribution and changes in the central San Francisco Bay (White)

Anne Marie Scherer, Geographic information analysis of Quaternary marine terraces, Point Reyes peninsula, California (Grove)

Mary Snow:  Sediment supply and transport in tidal marsh channels, Suisun Marsh (Sklar)

Chimi Yi, Depositional and deformational history of the Colma and uppermost Merced formations along the coast of San Francisco (Grove)

Publications and Professional Presentations


Monteverdi, J.P., E. Polito, M. Gough, R. Bethke, and T. Seddon, 2008: An Analysis of a Prolific Tornado-producing Cyclic Supercell Thunderstorm in Thayer County Nebraska, May 24, 2004. Paper number: P3.1, 24th Conf. Sev. Local Storms, 27-31 October, 2008, Savannah, Georgia.

Polito, Elizabeth, K. Tanner and J. P. Monteverdi, 2008: Assessing middle school and college students' conceptions about tornadoes and other weather phenomena.Paper number: P7.2. 24th Conf. Sev. Local Storms, 27-31 October, 2008, Savannah, Georgia.



Monteverdi, J.P., K. Saussy, A. Cross, C. Meherin, C. Medjber and S. Lau, 2006: An analysis of the 22 May 2004 Furnas County, Nebraska tornadic supercell. 23rd Conf. Sev. Local Storms, Preprints, St. Louis, MO.


Davis, J., White, L., Grove, K., Snow, M.K., and Freiberg, E., 2005, Reaching Out to Communities and Kids with Science in San Francisco (SF-ROCKS): using research experiences to increase high school student interest in geosciences: GSA Abstracts with Programs, v. 37, n. 4, p. 82.

Frieberg, E. and J. Monteverdi, 2005: Relationship of Warm Season Cycles in Onshore Pressure Differences to Temperatures in North-central California. Amer Met Soc National Meeting, January 2005. (Poster) (Pictures)

Frieberg, E. and L. White, 2005: Involving High School Students in Meteorological Research: the SF Rocks Experience. Amer Met Soc National Meeting, January 2005. (Poster) (Pictures)

Gose, E., Frieberg, E., Meherin, C., and J. Monteverdi, 2005: Production of Television Forecasts for San Francisco State University Campus Television and the World Wide Web. Amer Met Soc National Meeting, January 2005. (Poster) (Pictures)

White, L., Snow, M., Davis, J., and Serpa, L., 2005. Bringing the SF-ROCKS Model Beyond the San Francisco Bay Area: Building a Partnership Between the San Francisco State University and the University of New Orleans Geoscience Diversity Programs. Eos Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 2005 AGU Joint Assembly Meeting.


 White, L.D., Grove, K., Garcia, O., Pestrong, R., Dempsey, D., La Force, M., Snow, M., Davis, J., and Frieberg, E., 2004, Efforts to increase diversity in the geosciences at the high school level: the SF-ROCKS program at San Francisco State University: GSA Abstracts with Programs, v. 36, n. 5, p. 279.


Ford, Eric W., S.J. Caskey, D.L. Wagner, and R.J. Fleck, 2003, Miocene Volcanic rocks at Burdell Mountain and Implications for slip along the East Bay fault system, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 34, n. 7, p. 73.


M.J. LaForce, and J. Neiss, and C. Domrose. 2002. Geochemical properties of three serpentine soils: Presidio, Ca. Western Soil Science Society of America Abstract and Programs. Fort Collins, CO 19.

Jim Neiss, M.J. LaForce, and C. Domrose. 2002. Influences of non native plants on the geochemical influences of a serpentinite soil. Presidio, San Francisco, Ca. Geological Society of America. Geologic Society of America Abstract and Programs. Corvallis, OR. A-25. (pdf)

Erdmann Rogge and Matthew J. La Force. 2002. Hydrostratigraphy of the Westside Groundwater Basin, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, California American Geophysical Union. San Francisco California (pdf)


Lipari, G.S., and J.P. Monteverdi: 2000: Convective and shear parameters associated with northern and central California tornadoes during the period 1990-94. Preprints---20th AMS Conference on Severe Local Storms. Orlando, FL. in press.

Monteverdi, J. P., C. Doswell III, and G.S. Lipari, 2000: Shear parameter thresholds for forecasting California tornadic thunderstorms. Preprints---20th AMS Conference on Severe Local Storms. Orlando, FL. in press.

Schlaepfer, T., and J.P. Monteverdi, 2000: A case study of a well-documented classic right-moving tornadic thunderstorm in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Preprints---20th AMS Conference on Severe Local Storms. Orlando, FL. in press.


Charlotte Hedlund (MS candidate) 2002. $2,464.60 Hydrogeochemical analysis and sustainable yield of Montara-Moss Beach groundwater basin San Mateo County, Ca. Grant partially funded.