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MS in Geosciences

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Graduate Fellowships

The Department of Earth & Climate Sciences has two Fellowships awarded annually to deserving graduate students. Each gives one student $10000 to support the costs associated with their graduate matriculation. Please contact your advisor about the two fellowships: The Emerita Professor Karen Grove and Jay Ach Fellowship and The John A. and Anna Monteverdi Fellowship for Atmospheric and Climate Sciences.

MS in Geosciences – Geochronology and Tectonics

Prof. Mary Leech is looking for students interested in research involving hard-rock petrology, geo/thermochronology, geochemistry, and tectonics on topics related to large-scale orogenic processes. I also encourage students to apply with interests in microstructural deformation processes using EBSD as a tool and/or students with interests in mineralogy and thermodynamic modeling using programs like Perple_X or THERMOCALC. Preference will be given to students with previous field, laboratory, and/or computer modeling experience. Please contact me for more information or see the Earth & Climae Sciences web site or visit Prof. Leech's website for details.

MS in Geosciences – Paleoceanography

Prof. Petra Dekens has current NSF-supported graduate research opportunities for paleoceanographic studies of the role of the subtropical Atlantic in the Pliocene-Pleistocene climate transition. The Pliocene is the most recent time in earth history when temperature were warmer than they are today, and understanding the climate processes that caused the transition to a cooler climate can provide insight into possible climate feedbacks in an anthropogenically warmed climate. The project involves reconstructing water column structure using geochemical proxies (Mg/Ca and d18O) in foraminifera. In addition, there are several potential projects reconstructing climate and ecosystem dynamics off the California coast during the early Pliocene warm period. Please contact Petra Dekens for more information ( or or see the Geosciences Department web site or the Graduate Studies web site for program details and admissions requirements. Women and people from diverse backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply.





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