Applying for Award of the Weather Study Certificate

Students external to SF State or students already having completed a baccalaureate degree must enroll as Post-Baccalaureate Students. When all the requirements for either an undergraduate or graduate certificate program have been completed, the following steps must be taken to apply for the certificate, to have the completion of the requirements checked, and to have the certificate awarded to the student. Note that the Graduate Division is responsible for the final processing requirements for both undergraduate and graduate certificates. Graduation for Extended Learning certificates is processed through the Extended Learning Office.

The student prepares a Certificate Approved Program (CAP) form (available in Undergraduate Studies, or Graduate Division) and forwards it, along with transcript(s) showing the completion of all course requirements, to the department chair of the area offering the certificate program.

The chair is responsible for determining that all the requirements for the certificate have been satisfactorily completed. This is accomplished by signing the CAP form.

After paying the application fee ($7.00) for the award of the certificate at the Cashier's Office and having the CAP form stamped "Paid," the student is responsible for filing (a) the signed CAP form, (b) the supporting transcript(s), and (c) the evidence of the fee paid, in the Graduate Division (for both undergraduate and graduate certificates).

The Graduate Division is responsible for reviewing the materials received and authorizing the issuance of the undergraduate or graduate certificate on behalf of the department/program area and in the name of the university. This is accomplished by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies or the Graduate Division, as appropriate, signing the certificate and returning it along with two signed copies of the CAP form to the department/program area. Upon receipt, the department/ program chair signs the official certificate and arranges to issue it, along with a copy of the CAP form, to the student. A second copy of the signed CAP form is to be retained by the department/program area for its records.

The Graduate Division is also responsible for forwarding a signed copy of the CAP form to the Registrar's Office. This copy of the CAP form will serve as the official notification that all the certificate requirements have been completed satisfactorily. The registrar is then responsible for posting the award of the certificate on the student's permanent academic record (i.e., transcript).

Note: The AMS Broadcast Seal for Radio and Television was discontinued after 31 December 2008. A new program, the Certfied Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) program, will be an option for media meteorologists as of January 2005, and will completely replace the Broadcast Seal in 2009. The requirements for the CBM and AMS's method of evaluation are summarized on this pdf file (N.B., you will need a pdf reader to open this---for Mac Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader, for PC Adobe Acrobat Reader).


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