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Bachelor of Science Research Projects and Theses





Robert Woodford

Creating Quicksand with Sand from Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

2015 Sklar
Yousef Yousfi

Discontinuous rating curves in sand-bedded rivers, the roles of bed scour and bedform transitions

2013 Sklar
Christopher Olson Influence of chemical weathering on resistance of sediment to mechanical wear 2013 Sklar
Michelle Haskins  Structural and hydrologic implications of jointing in the Werner Creek drainage basin,  Catskill Mountains, eastern New York 2011 Gurdak
Carl Martin Early warning geochemical indicators of seawater intrusion, Westside Basin aquifer, San Francisco Bay 2011 Gurdak
Jonathan Beyeler

The dependence of bedrock erodibility on rock material properties: is tensile strength enough?

2010 Skalr
Brian Grace  Research and Building of a Self-Regulating Baffle for Fish Passage in Culverts 2009 Sklar
Steven Woodley  Interpreting Pleistocene coastal terrace deposits overlying the 82 ka wave-cut platform, Point Reyes Peninsula, Marin County, California 2009 Grove
Molly Cornell  Characterization of anomalous graphite from the Maksyutov ultra high-pressure metamorphic complex, Russia 2008 Leech
Willie Hassett  Early Miocene granitoids from the Leo Pargil Gneiss dome, Northwest Himalaya  2008 Leech
Jo Ann Huerto  Effect of grain-size mixture on formation of coarse fronts in debris flows 2008 Sklar
Andrea Ozzuna  Hydrostratigraphic investigation of the Westside Basin in northern San Mateo County, California 2008 Grove
Zi Zi Searles  The atmospheric response to warmer than modern sea surface temperatures in coastal upwelling regions during the early Pliocene  2008 Dekens
Skye Corbett  The role of sequences of channel-spanning potholes in the transient evolution of a weakly dissected bedrock landscape, Henry Mountains, Utah 2007 Sklar
James Gonzales  The soil geochemistry of three endangered serpentine plant species Presideio of San Francisco 2007 White/LaForce
Jonathon Perkins  Estimating bedrock incision rates using cosmogenic radionuclides on strath terrace gravels along Bullfrog Creek, Utah 2007 Sklar
Geza Demeter  Influence of bed roughness on the spatial distribution of incision in a laboratory bedrock channel 2006 Sklar
Lisa Garman  Tomales Point terraces of Marin County, California, and implication for rate of uplift of northern Point Reyes Peninsula, California 2006 Grove
Christina Polito  Petrology and thermobarometry for Proterozoic eclogites of the Lofoten Islands,  Flakstadoy and Vestvagoy, northern Norway 2006 Leech
Peter Polito  Correlating field and laboratory rates of particle abrasion, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico 2006 Sklar
Curtis Barnes  Periodic spacing of channel-spanning potholes in Navajo Sandstone, Henry Mountains, Utah:  implications for bedrock erosion in channels with limited sediment supply 2005 Sklar
Nasrin Erdelyi  Thresholds of channel network connectivity, Redwood Creek, Marin County, California 2005 Sklar
Marina Moscorro  Relations between surface creep and microseismicity along strike-slip faults in the San Francisco Bay region  2005 Caskey
Leslie Pawlak  Uplift and deformation of Late Pleistocene marine terraces across the San Gregorio and San Andreas faults near Bolinas, California 2005 Caskey
Anne Senter  Quantitative Monitoring after Hydrologic Restoration in Knuthson Meadow, Sierra Nevada, California 2005 Sklar
Terry McGuire  A small unmapped surficial deposit and its paleogeographical implications, Point Reyes, California 2004 Grove
Jody Castle  Devil's Slide,  A Convergence of  Geology and Engineering 2003 Pestrong
Aaron Laubhan  Evaluation of tectonic uplifty and pale-depositional environments using subsurface sediment logs and coastal exposures on the Bolinas terrace, Point Reyes Peninsula, California 2003 Grove
Mahasringha M. Monroe  Late Pleistocene Uplift Along the Seal Cove Fault Using Emergent Marine Terraces, Moss Beach, California 2003 Caskey
Joe Petsche  Delineation of Sub-surface Serpentinite Boundaries with the San Francisco Presidio 2003 Caskey
Simon Barber  Laboratory procedures and grain size analysis of terrigenous and carbonaceous sediment on the fringing reef of Molokai, Hawaii 2002 Grove
Tandis Bidgoli  Determining the style and rate of uplift from Quaternary marine terraces of the Point Reyes Peninsula, California 2002 Grove
Jim Neiss  The geochemistry of serpentine soils at Inspiration Point Presidio, San Francisco 2002 LaForce
Anne Marie Scherer  Petrology of amphibilites from Willits, eastern Blue Ridge, North Carolina 2002 Bickel
Jennifer Davis  Marine terraces near Bolinas, California 2001 Grove
Rianda Levin  High-resolution gravity models of subsurface geometry of the San Andreas fault zone near Point Reyes and implications for uplift of the Point Reyes Peninsula, California 2001 Grove
Eric Larson  The Mussel Rock Landslide: Geologic Controls and Human Impacts 2000 Pestrong
Obi Nzewi  A Hydraulic Analysis of Well Logs in the Merced Formation  2000 Schroth
Nathan Smith  Paleoseismic activity of the Stillwater Gap Segment of the Dixie Valley fault: evidence from the tectonic geomorphology of alluvial fans near the Sou Hills, Nevada 2000 Caskey
Doug Wood  Determination of the Bioavailability to humans of the metals As, Cr and Pb with respect to soil ingestion 2000 LaForce
Jennifer Barr  Continuation of the Serra fault into southwest San Francisco: Constraints on Deformation on the San Francisco Peninsula 1999 Caskey
Margaret Robinson  Using Diatoms to Interpret the Paleo-environment of embayment facies within the Merced Formation, San Francisco 1999 White
Neil Doran  A study of the depositional environment and parent materials of the late Miocene Santa Margarita Sandstone at Point Reyes, California 1998 Mustart
Andrew Eriksson  Stratigraphy and correlation of the Mio-Pliocene units in the western Los Medanos Hills, California 1998 Sullivan
Logan Hansen  Glauconitic facies of the Santa Margarita Sandstone at Point Reyes, California 1998 Mustart
Robert Potter  Mineralogical Controls on Groundwater Chemistry in the Merced Formation  1998 Schroth
Andrew Smith  The Eocene succession at Castle Rock and Rock City,  Contra Costa County  1998 Sullivan
Racheal Bailey  Subsurface geometry of Quaternary sediments in the San Andreas fault valley, Point Reyes, Calfiornia 1997 Grove
Joy DiFranza  Geomorphological Response of Streams to Tectonism in the Southern San Francisco Bay Region and Santa Clara Valley 1997 Grove
Kevin Doherty  Gully erosion in Half Moon Bay and Pacifica: a study of discontinuous gullies in a coastal environment, California 1997 Pestrong
John Domecus  The characterization and documentation of the San Jose Arroyo’s northern tributaries, Marin County, California 1997 Pestrong
Jeannine Kessell  Geologic framework of the East Bay Plain for groundwater use planning in Hayward, California 1997 Grove
Forrest McFarland  Chabot rift zone ultramafics: tectonic implications of K/Ar drived ages of gabbros and basalts 1997 Bickel
Nicole Peirce  Compressional tectonics in the San Francisco Bay Area: an analysis of vertical deformation of marine terraces in the Point Reyes region 1997 Grove
Orion Holcomb  Differentiating Quaternary sedimentary units near Bolinas, Marin County, California 1996 Grove
Sandra A. Jobe  Petrography and paleomagnetism of Core ICPP-COR-A0023 and correlation of a basalt lava flow sequence, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory 1996 Bickel
Kris Larson  Fate and transport of leachate constituents and their potential effect on the westside groundwater basin hillside disposal site, Colma, California 1996 Pestrong
Anna Sojourner  Analysis of fracture and fault data from the San Andreas fault, Toms Point, Point Reyes, California 1996 Grove
Jason F. Kelley  The Tertiary succession in the Keller Canyon landfill with special attention to a turbidite description of the middle Eocene Markley Formation 1995 Sullivan
Carl F. Schaefer  Plio-Pleistocene Basaltic Dikes along the Clayton Fault on the Northeastern Flank of Mount Diablo 1995 Sullivan
Rodd A. Dryfoos  Age relations of volcanic rocks at Oroville Table Mountain 1994 Mustart
Anne Rosinski  Slope stability study of two cut slopes along a portion of Highway 92 in San Mateo County 1994 Pestrong
Mary Anne Brown  Fault kinematics on the North Slope of the central Diablo Range 1993 Sullivan
Kevin B. Colson  Stratigraphy and structure of the Pleistocene Olema Creek Formation,  Marin County, California 1993 Grove
Carolyn E. Garrison  Origin of fluvial terraces near Olema, Marin County, California 1993 Grove
Janet R. Guidetti  A Wellhead Protection Study For The San Lorenzo Valley Water District  1993 Pestrong
Matthew Horrigan  Fault block tilt due to Basin and Range tectonism in the Inyo Mountains region 1993 Mustart
Laura Pound  Diatom dissolution in Japan Sea sediments: Scanning Electron Microscope Evidence of Diatom Frustules 1993 White
David R. Rutledge  Detailed structural analysis of the San Andreas fault zone at Toms Point, Tomales Bay, California 1993 Grove
Mark Wirganowicz  Structure of a selected part of the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, California 1993 Sullivan
Edgardo Jimenez-Bago  Seismic studies in northern Monterey Bay Grove 1992 Grove
Elizabeth E. Rosenberg  Stratigraphic analysis of the Pleistocene Millerton Formation, Tomales Bay, California 1992 Grove
Robert H. Abrams  New evidence for the age of the Lovejoy Formation at its type locality, Red Clover Creek, northern Sierra Nevada, California 1991 Bickel
Scott A. Braun  The tornadic thunderstorm environment in California Monteverdi 1988 Monteverdi
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