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Graduate Student Research Projects and Theses




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Claudia Corona Climate variability and vadose zone controls on damping of transient recharge fluxes 2016 Gurdak
Mehrdad Hejazian Hydrogeochemistry of two contrasting atoll island aquifers, Roi-Namur, Republic of the Marshall Islands 2016 Gurdak
Larry Alden Segregation ice fracturing of river bank rock: implications for width of bedrock channels 2015 Sklar
Omid Arabnia

Particle size reduction in debris flows: scaling from lab to field

2015 Sklar
Elzie Velasco            Relations between climate variability and groundwater fluctuations in U.S. Principal Aquifers 2015 Gurdak
Mays Danfoura Redox dynamics in groundwater beneath low impact development ( 2014 Gurdak
Gaby Geyer Vulnerability of recently recharged groundwater in the California coastal basins to NO3- contamination 2014 Gurdak
Michael Wrigley ICP-MS and XRF soil metal concentration screening comparison by quantitative analysis 2014 Gurdak
Zi Zi Searles Error propagation and uncertainty in predictions of nonpoint-source nitrate contamination in groundwater 2014 Gurdak
Ryan Corbett Mathematical modeling of fog water deposition,  San Francisco, California 2014 Gurdak
Geoffrey Roest Quasigeostrophic Diagnosis of an Explosively Developing Cyclone on the Northern California Coast 2014 Monteverdi
Zachary Lauffenburger Land use and climate change controls on recharge, northern High Plains aquifer 2013 Gurdak
Jennifer Davis The influence of bed roughness on partial alluviation in bedrock channels 2013 Sklar
Jonathan Beyeler The influence of rock properties on bedrock and sediment erodibility in rivers 2012 Sllar
Michelle Newcomer Recharge beneath low impact development and the effects of climate variability 2012 Gurdak
Brian Stozek Geophysical evidence for Quaternary deformation within the offshore San Andreas fault system, Northern California 2012 Grove
Christopher Stumpf A Comprehensive Survey of Buoyancy and Shear Parameters for California Tornadoes: 1951-2011 2012 Monteverdi
Eric Donaldson Geomorphic controls on spatial distributions of cobbles and boulders in stream-channel networks 2011 Leonard Sklar
Dylan Duvergé Establishing background arsenic in soil of the urbanized San Francisco Bay Region 2011 Jason Gurdak
Deborah Shulman Fluid controlled metamorphism of eclogitic pseudotachylite-bearing shear zones, Flakstadøy, northern Norway 2011 Mary Leech
James Chayka Quantitative linkages between watershed conditions and mainstem channel characteristics in Lagunitas Creek, northern California 2011 Leonard Sklar
Anita Engelstad, Damping characteristics of wave propagation across the muddy Louisiana shelf 2011 Tim Janssen
Brent Everett Pore-scale dual-domain flow and temporal variability in recharge, High Plains Aquifer, USA 2011 Jason Gurdak
Forrest Horton Geochronology and zircon geochemistry of greater Himalaya leucogranites in Zanskar, NW India 2011 Mary Leech
Pariskeh Hosseini EBSD analysis of partially-eclogitized rocks from the Marun-Keu Complex, Polar Urals, Russia 2011 Mary Leech
Leah Johnson Determination of radiocarbon in pore water dissolved organic matter using thermal sulfate reduction 2011 Tomoko Komada
Isaac Jones Wave-driven set-up and surfzone circulation at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California 2011 Tim Janssen
Amber Kuss Effects of climate variability on recharge in regional aquifers of the United States 2011 Jason Gurdak
Sang Pak Nonlinear energetics of shoaling gravity waves 2011 Tim Janssen
Leah Feigelson Slip rate on the Peninsula San Andreas fault, San Mateo County, California 2010 Karen Grove
William Hassett Geochemical signature of Himalayan gneiss domes: implications for channel flow 2010 Mary Leech
Chelsea Reed Upwelling conditions and sea surface temperature off Northern California during early Pliocene 2010 Petra Dekens
Dominika Wojcieszek Pliocene-Pleistocene climate evolution: was the cooling global? 2010 Petra Dekens
Skye Corbett A morphodynamic comparision between bedrock and soil-mantle landscapes 2010 Leonard Sklar
Joshua Goodman Post-Middle-Pleistocene tectonic development of the Confidence Hills, Death Valley, California 2010 John Caskey
Max Hubbard Analyses of high-frequency radar data in central San Francisco Bay 2010 Toby Garfield
Elizabeth Polito Student conceptions of weather phenomena across multiple cognitive levels 2010 John Monteverdi
Jill Marshall Hillslope rock fragment production: grain size distributions, abundance and climatic influences 2009 Leonard Sklar
Peter Polito Experimental investigation of fluvial incision on Titan by low-velocity sediment impacts 2009 Leonard Sklar
Jonathon Polly Harnessing natural C isotopses to understand organic matter transformations in estuarine sediments 2009 Tomoko Komada
Beth Zygielbaum Temperature Effects on Ice Strength Properties: Implications for Erosion Resistance on Titan 2009 Leonard Sklar
Brian Fuller Feedbacks between biotic and abiotic influences on travertine deposition, Fossil Creek, Arizona 2009 Leonard Sklar
Heather Green Neotectonic investigation of the southern Death Valley fault zone, southeastern California 2009 John Caskey
Terry McGuire Stratigraphic investigation of the North Westside Basin of San Francisco and northern San Mateo County 2009 Karen Grove
Hydrogeologic characterization of the Northern Westside Basin, San Francisco, California 2008 Karen Grove
Matt Gough An analysis of HF-radar measured surface currents, Gulf of the Farallones, California 2008 Toby Garfield
Gina Lee Geomorphic Expression of Differential Uplift, Point Reyes Peninsula, Marin County, California 2008 Leonard Sklar
Bob Sas Road failures and related hazards along the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina 2008 Leonard Sklar
Robert Humphries Laboratory simulation of gravel augmentation downstream of dams: the effect of hydrographs on sediment pulse dynamics 2007 Leonard Sklar
Jessica Fadde Temporal and spatial effects of gravel augmentation on rivers: a flume study 2007 Leonard Sklar
Eric (Rick) Ford Burdell Mountain stratigraphy and implications for long-term slip along the East Bay fault system, California 2007 John Caskey
Jeffrey Hansen Quantifying reach response to episodic large wave events, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California 2007 Toby Garfield
Andrew Matthew Serpentine soils within the Presidio, California: a return to serpentine prairie land 2007 Matt LaForce,Karen Grove
Chris Baldassari Geochemical analyses and a hydrogeological investigation to identify sources of groundwater contamination at five northern California landfills 2006 Matt LaForce
Glen Leverich The morphological effect of variable flow discharge on a meandering river model 2006 Leonard Sklar
Jonathan Boxerman The Fractal Nature of Tafoni Weather Patterns? 2006 Raymond Pestrong
Mary Snow Sediment supply and transport in tidal marsh channels, Suisun Marsh 2005 Leonard Sklar
Robert Davies, Comparison of Mammuthus primigenius and Mammuthus columbi M3 molars 2005 Lisa White
Joe Farrow Lithologic Influence and Experimental Variability in Gravel Abrasion: Implications for Predicting Rates of Downstream Fining of River Bed Sediments 2005 Leonard Sklar
Chimi Yi Depositional and deformational history of the Colma and uppermost Merced and Formations, southwest San Francisco 2005 Karen Grove
Peter Gorman Temporal and Spatial Variability of Hydraulic Conductivity in the Russian River Streambed, Sonoma County, California 2004 Matt LaForce
Matthew Horrigan The Etymological Dictionary of Geology 2004 David Mustart
Kasha A. Parker Surficial sediment distribution and changes in the central San Francisco Bay 2004 Lisa White
Anne Marie Scherer Geographic information analysis of Quaternary marine terraces, Point Reyes peninsula, California 2004 Karen Grove
Kristin Hepper A new cold seep locality in the Mesozoic Great Valley Group, Guenoc Ranch, northern California 2004 Lisa White
Regan M. Long Northern California shelf circulation during January 2003: possible implications for shelf retention 2004 Toby Garfield
Zita Maliga Hydrological reconstruction of extinct thermal spring systems using Hydrobiid snail paleoecology 2004 Lisa White
Ted Schlaepfer Documentation of a Tornadic Supercell in the San Joaquin Valley, California 2004 John Monteverdi
Megan Simpson Background Trace Element Concentrations in the Franciscan Formation San Francisco, California 2004 Matt LaForce
Charlotte Hedlund Hydrogeology and Geochemistry of the Northern Groundwater Basin, San Mateo County, California 2003 Matt LaForce
Erdmann Rogge Hydrostratigraphy of the Westside Groundwater Basin, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, California ( 2003 Matt LaForce
Drew Kennedy Rapid late Pleistocene uplift and evidence for mid to late Holocene movement on the Serra fault, northern San Francisco Peninsula 2002 John Caskey
Carolyn Randolph Neotectonic investigation of the southern Rodgers Creek fault, Sonoma County, California 2002 John Caskey
Gary Lipari Thermodynamic and shear parameters associated with verified tornadoes in northern and central California, 1990-1994 2001 John Monteverdi
Julie Monet Liquefaction susceptibility in the San Francisco South and Hunter’s Point 7.5-minute quadrangle 2000 John Caskey
R. David Morris Petrology of Franciscan Complex eclogites from Mendocino County, California: a new locality 1999 David Mustart
Kathy Pagan Detection of polar stratospheric clouds over Antarctica using AVHRR satellite imagery 1996 Oswaldo Garcia
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