Highway 140 Near Yosemite
January 7, 1997 Photo, SF Chronicle


California Weather Page

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Updated 12/15/04
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Graphics obtained from NOAA sites, NWS sources, the California Regional Weather Server via Internet Connections provided the Weather Graphics and Simulation Lab of the Department of Geosciences by San Francisco State University.

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

San Francisco State University

National Weather Service Forecast Office
SF Bay Area

Winter Time Phenomena

Photos, weather maps, satellite pictures and radar for San Francisco record breaking 1/2 hour rain, and flash flood, 2/25/04

Backbuilding Convection and SF Area Flash Floods, 1/22/97

"Pineapple Express" (Low Latitude Storm Type) and Warm Advection, 1/21/97

December 12, 1995 West Coast Bomb

See beautiful images of an explosively-developing cyclone (with eye) along the California coast

February 4, 1996 Flood-producing (SF Bay Area) Subsynoptic Wave

See surface and 500 mb images for the January 29, 1996 Rex Block

See surface and satellite images of tule fog.

Summer Time Phenomena

See outflow-boundary generated roll clouds above the coastal stratus.

See beautiful mesoscale vortices

See a high resolution photo of the smoke from the Point Reyes Fire

See a case study of a great Catalina Eddy

California Tornadoes, Thunderstorms and Funnel Clouds

High Sierra Tornado, 7/7/04, Tornado, thunderstorm, hail photos documenting the highest elevation tornado ever observed in the United States. Meteorological analysis is also included.

Sunnyvale, CA, F2 Tornado, 5/4/98, Damage photos, Doppler images, vis satellite image and digital images of cloud features for a F2 Damage Producing Tornado, May 4, 1998

Chowchilla Tornado, March 24, 1998

Weakly Rotating Thunderstorm,San Francisco, 12/8/97

San Joaquin Valley High-Based Funnels, 1/20/97

Animated satellite pictures of tornado-producing right-moving supercell in the San Joaquin Valley (Lemoore, CA, Nov 22, 1996).

Satellite images, animated loop and other images of San Joaquin Valley right-moving Supercell Storm

See charts and photos for the September 26, 1986 Tornadic Supercell in Sacramento Valley

Doppler radar images of a shallow Central Valley supercell producing a Mesocyclone-induced Tornado 23 March 1995

Radar and satellite images of California Low-Top Supercell Storms 4 March 1996

Doppler images of a California Thunderstorm split  28 Feb 1996


Case Studies and Opinions Relating to California Weather Events

West Coast Floods,
Droughts and El Nino

California Rainfall and Flood Forecast Page

Bay Area Rainfall Page

El Niño and California Rainfall

La Niña and California Rainfall

California/West Coast Weather Graphics

Products from our Weather Graphics Lab including unique satellite views, subsynoptic plots from California and the West, upper air charts overlain with satellite imagery, jetstream maps and prognoses.

Best West Coast compilation for graphics and weather data resources from the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Monterey.

See present wind patterns in SF Bay Area


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