Great rotating storm about 20 miles west of Plainview, TX. This shows the rain-free base. The storm was the south member of a pair of mirror-image splitting storms that developed north of Lubbock at around 3PM CDT.

Large mesocyclone developed by 4PM, with beaver tail, stepped-pancake appearance, with obvious rotation both in mesocyclone and also in the wall-cloud.

Occasional funnel-clouds or inflow bands attached themselves to the wall cloud.

May 22, 1997


Third day out. Yet another weak short wave on the heels of yesterday's. Was evident on 500 mb chart if contoured at 3 dm interval and also evident as an area of cold advection which pulled out into the Texas Panhandle by midafternoon. Once again, shear was marginal but in this case large enough for potential rotating storms. SPC issued a Tornado Watch for the TX OK Panhandles and SW Kansas. Pattern looks like we will be in the TX Panhandle and SW Oklahoma/Kansas over next several days.