The "Chase Team" after somewhat successful finish at the Amarillo Paper Chase 10K. (L to R-John Monteverdi, 11th Overall, 1st Senior; Thom Trimble, 2nd Overall, 1st Submaster; Ron Smith, 5th Overall, 2nd Master).

Shelf cloud on Liberal storm, view from northeast.This turned out to be an HP supercell. The mesocyclone became occluded from the rain wrapping around the south and then southeast portion of the updraft, until the updraft and rotating features ended up on north side of storm. Figuring storm structure on this one was difficult.

Double rainbow in Liberal.

May 24, 1997


This day we joined Mike Foster and made a mutual decision to get to southwest Kansas, where the shear and buoyancy combination ahead of an incoming jet streak we hoped would be favorable for isolated supercells. The favorable shear profile never did develop, although we chased an HP supercell, with mesocyclone on the the north flank and funnel clouds in Beaver County near sunset. Tomorrow probably onto northwest Oklahoma.