Forming mesocyclone near Andrews, TX at around 6PM CDT. This storm formed in a moderate CAPE environment, moderate speed shear and strong directional shear. Flow aloft was northwesterly and the storm motion changed from southeasterly to southwesterly as the storm became a deviate mover.

Scud tags and possible funnel cloud in same storm, around 15 minutes later.

Difficult to see. Will have to analyze video and still photography. The storm became HP with original mesocyclone rotating to the northeast flank of the storm. At that point, a rain-wrapped tube tornado was visible. This picture was taken around this time, but no tornado is visible.

May 28, 1997


Today we drifted to Hobbs, NM as upslope flow of high dewpoint air occurred into New Mexico. A 250 mb jet streak plunged in northwesterly flow to the Midland area, with explosive development of thunderstorms. A Tornado Watch was issued. We are certain that a tornado was wrapped in rain for the storm shown above, but must wait until we process our still photography to decide.===