Rain free base with possible funnel clouds. Supercell thunderstorm near Adrian, TX.

Mammatus on anvil with distant rain-free base on supercell near Adrian, TX.

May 29, 1997


Yet another interesting day. We have now found supercells on 8 of 9 days on this trip. This time a cold front, dry line, warm front intersection near northwest TX Panhandle was the focus. Large supercell formed in noman's land northwest of Adrian; an area with no roads. So, the distant views of this storm were the best we can do. Were there tornadoes or funnel clouds out there? We will need to view our stills and video closesly. There clearly were tremendous rotating updrafts on the rain free base, with scud tags on the ground.

We stayed with a second storm farther east until after sunset. This storm had a tremendous bell shaped lowering and had tornado warnings as it moved southward through Canyon and Happy. Sorry, too dark for digital pictures and we did not see the tornado if it was there.