June 5, 1999

Lone Pine/Atkinson Tornadic Supercell

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 Lone Pine Supercell 20 minutes Before Tornadoes

 Atkinson Mesocyclone and Mothership 15 minutes after Tornadoes

(Note: after sunset. Image has been heavily Gamma corrected).

All views shot from same location. The storm was rapidly moving east-northeastward and the mesocyclone and updraft area came towards us.


 Anvil Detail on Lone Pine Storm

This was roughly the time of the tornadoes. Al Pietrycha made it all the way from Norman to see the tornadoes and Chuck Doswell camped out in O'Neill and did antique shopping until the tornadoes formed.

We (as well as Dave Hoadley, VORTEX 99 and others) were playing the boundary and outsmarted ourselves.