May 25, 1999

Three Supercells and Roswell Tornado

Pictures: John Monteverdi and Thom Trimble

All Pictures Copyrighted

Explosion of Supercells in Eastern New Mexico


On the Road With VORTEX


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 Place For Storm Chasers To Be In Spring 1999

Hobbs, New Mexico

Great Basin trough sets up jet axis and favorable shear intermittently over southern two-thirds of eastern New Mexico for most of chase trip. Upslope flow of CAPE-rich air sets VORTEX in motion to region bounded on north by Clovis and on south by Carlsbad.


Probe 1 Drives North Under 2nd Roswell
Mesocyclone: Wall Cloud with Beaver Tail and Developing RFD

John Monteverdi Next To Probe 1/2 On Side of Road


 Developing Tornado on RFD/FFD Interface Under Wall Cloud

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Probe 1 can be seen just to left and north of tornado on blown-up image (click on image). Developing supercell near Clovis can be seen in background.

A strong rear flank downdraft, very warm and moist, gusted through our position. We estimate sustained 45 to 50 knots. The tornado formed within 30 seconds or so after the RFD developed. The tornado was approximately 200 meters north of us.

Note the dust cone at the center of the vortex.

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