Roswell Tornado


Spectacular Dust Cone 200 Meters North of Us

There is a small condensation funnel within the dust cone.

Note also the anticyclonic whirl in cloud pattern above tornado.

 About 20 sec After Previous Picture

(Saturated colors in this picture and the last due to use of Fuji Velvia). VORTEX had this tornado surrounded.



Staring Into The Maw of the Beast

Right above our heads -- a condensation funnel the entire time the dust cone was visible.


John Monteverdi and Tornado


Thom Trimble 1 With Tornado 1 Minute Later


 4:27 PM MDT 25 May 1999

View torward the northeast and approximate 3 minutes after previous shot. The RFD had deformed the incipient condensation funnel and tilted it from west to east and then it extended to the ground.

There was a dust cone clearly visible for several minutes with several attempts at a condensation funnel.


 About 20 Seconds Later

Note the horizontal vortex visible in both pictures closer to the camera in the cloud tag.



Approximately 4:40 PM MDT-- Dissipation

At this time the tornado was about 1.5 km East of Us.


6:55 PM MDT

90 miles or so to our north, a large supercell had developed near Clovis.


7:40 PM MDT

Note the massive overshooting top.


 8:35 PM MDT

Another explosive updraft develops. Picturesque rainbow and hail core.

However, the storm lost all supercellular structure as we got to it and dissipated shortly later.

Crespuscular Rays At Sunset

Looking West from Clovis at Approximately 9PM. Spectacular end to a spectacular day.