May 26, 1999

Orla, TX LP Supercell


This image shows the fourth supercell which formed near the New Mexico/Texas border.

The pattern was basically the same on this day as on May 25.

We traveled with VORTEX first to Carlsbad, as they sampled a large supercell just north of town.

This quickly split and dissipated. Another supercell formed and disssipated to the west of the first.


While the fourth storm drifted slowly southeast, it developed a large bell-shaped lowering near the town of Orla.

The LP structure was reminiscent of the 1994 Roberts County TX storm, documented elsewhere on this website.


There were several funnel clouds on the lowering, which got quite massive at times.

View towards the west. Note the pancake/flying saucer mothership aspect to the storm.


About 5 minutes after previous picture.

TornadoWarnings were issued for this storm at about the time of these two images.

At no time did we see any tornadoes.


 The storm eventually evolved into a small comma cloud with bow echo structure. This shows the main lowering as the storm approached the region just east of Pecos, TX.

Dave Gold eventually saw a tornado with the storm well south of us and well after dark.


The last 1/2 hour or so before sunset, a spectacular development occurred west of us near Midland.

A monstrous thunderstorm developed, then split, with the left mover (north mover) becoming dominant.

Here is a view of the split, looking towards the east.