May 30, 1999

Day of the Mothership

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We finally stopped about 5 miles west of Salina and set up shop. Also at this location were Mike Foster, The Weather Channel crew and the Doppler On Wheels (DOWS).

Yet another tornado warning went out on this storm at this time. The storm was rotating wildly, evident in this dramatic corkscrew cloud structure. We did not see any tornadoes, however.

This was a beautiful LP-type supercell. It was clear that no precipitaiton was wrapping around the mesocyclone, and that which was falling was occurring over the far southeastern portion of Salina.


  Flying Saucer lowering on this wonderful storm. (UFO on image--will be rescanned)
Note the texture on the anvil.


This looks like the base of the Mother Ship
in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." 
A good attempt at a funnel cloud occurred just at sunset. You can see a hail shaft just to the left background of this small funnel cloud (it was rotating).
  Lots of vertical shear/horizontal vorticity was present. Note the beautiful curling cloud structure on the northwestern side of the bell-shaped lowering.
  An end to a successful day. No tornadoes, but excellent storms.