May 31, 1999

Meade/Sitka, KS Tornadic Supercell

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with special contribution from Ed Calianese

(Note this page under construction as of July 28, 1999. Lots more to go.)

Chase Group at this point included, besides myself, Ed Calianese,
Brian Curran, and towards the end of the day, Mike Foster.


Meade Wall Cloud
 View of wall cloud shortly before first tornadic whirl develops

This shows first Meade spinup. Rear flank downdraft came through our position and then whirl developed.

(Image not yet ready for prime time).


Tornadic Dust Whirl/Weak Tornado

First mesocyclone weakened as new circulation developed about 10 miles to eastnortheast, near Sitka, KS. Unfortunately, we were left out of position and had to race east southeastward to move ahead of new development.

Image (looking north) shows developing RFD notch.


Sitka RFD and Forward Flank Rain Area Intersection


(Photo by Ed Calianese)

Sitka Mesocyclone and Wall Cloud

This image was taken from moving vehicle about 5 minutes after previous image.

Note rotating lowering and dust being kicked up by RFD. Lowering seemed to develop after ingestion of older Meade mesocyclone.


Shot due north towards Sitka from moving vehicle as we struggled to get southeast of mesocyclone and rain curtain. This was about the time of observation of Sitka tornado.

We feel this was the forming tornado, viewed through rain about 5 miles north of us.


(Photo by Ed Calianese)

Forming Sitka Tornado


Flanking Line Developments and Chaser Convergence, 15 miles SE of Sitka

Multiple small mesocyclones, funnel clouds and weak tornadoes developed on the highly sheared flanking line just at sunset. One funnel cloud is visible to upper right of picture and a rotating wall cloud in center.

Chaser convergence, including several school field trips, was ridiculous at this spot. We changed position.

In one case, a group of photogaphers stuck a microphone in Brian Curran's face just to record his conversation to us as we discussed what we were seeing.

We are still working on image processing of underexposed images shot from our cars, image grabs from video cams for this day. As far as I know, only Sam Barriclow and Mike Foster got decent shots of the Sitka tornado. We will try to add more images plus links to theirs over the next weeks.