On the Road With Chuck and Vickie Doswell

Finally, a (multiple) Supercell day in Nebraska

Great low level flow into Nebraska and South Dakota. We decided initially to play
the backed flow in the extreme portion of south-central South Dakota.

The 500 mb pattern features at least marginally favorable flow.


Low level shear was very favorable in central Nebraska and South Dakota

Note narrow tongue of CAPE....we played the northern portion of that.


Favorable low-level shear showed up in the forecast SREH fields.

Actually, CAPE was probably higher than forecast. Here is the dewpoint field.


300 mb flow was marginally unfavorable, suggesting that the area would be in the "CAPE" robbing front right quadrant of a jet streak. Turned out that there was not much forcing at all.


While mid level winds looked weak, the low level shear was favorable.

We adjusted our target south when the surface low dropped southeastward faster than progged. As we drove into Nebraska again we could see the northwest flank of supercell number 1.

We were approaching this southeastward moving supercell from the northwest side flank.

Now we are a lot closer, still approaching the storm from the northwest.
The rain free base tried to form a wall cloud.

This animation shows that the storms all merged into a southward moving complex. No wonder we were racing southward the entire time.


Finally got around the southside of the first storm and it formed a blocky wall cloud.....

And nice inflow, laminar bands.....but the road and a gas stop allowed us to get behind the hail core for this storm and we lost it.


But to the north of the first storm were storms number 2 and number 3. You can see the lovely rainfree base with storm 2....and this storm had good rotational features. Several tornado warnings were issued on that storm as we watched it move towards us, but we did NOT see any tornadoes---perhaps a brief funnel cloud as shown in the next image.

We have a feeling that these lowerings might have been misidentified as funnels or tornadoes leading to the warnings. Though the storm was lovely, and we stayed with it well after sunset, we saw no tornadoes.

You can see the anvil from storm 3 to the north.