May 21-23, 2001: Down Days --Carlsbad Caverns

As has been the case the last several years for us, the pattern in this part of the year, normally climatologically favored for severe thunderstorms, completely shut down for the period May 21 through the 23rd. This is one of the pitfalls/pratfalls of storm chasing. The movie "Twister" makes it seem that each day has chasing opportunities. In reality, long "dry" spells can mean expensive down-time...useless waits at towns in the middle of nowhere...hoping that the pattern will shift.

We spent one day in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and then pushed westward to Midland in the hope of some return flow of moisture...that never materialized. The progs suggested that by May 24, moisture would have crept northward through the Rio Grande River Valley at least to extreme south-central TX, so we took another day off from travelling around at went to Carlsbad Caverns National Park in southeastern New Mexico. Pictures are provided below without comment.

Bruce Margetich and Thom Trimble (right) on the trail towards the cavern entrance.

Cavern Entrance

Pictures of Carlsbad Caverns Interior