Chase 2001

Another day in which the atmosphere was throwing curve balls at us. Tremendous moisture convergence and low level shear south of stationary front. But best deep layer shear stayed north of our target area near Junction TX.

Loaded Gun at Del Rio, but incredibly messed up shear profile. Note lower midlevel weakness and messed up wind speeds in same layers. Expected storm type, briefly rotating fuzz balls.

Note low level cumulus field in area of moisture convergence.

Storms developed and rotated briefly. Shear profile favored southwest motion of any supercells that formed.

The problem in a nutshell. Deep layer shear profiles not very favorable.

Another view of same problem that has plagued my chases for several years. Best shear north of front and not phased with best buoyancy south of front.

We did get some picturesque storms. This one about 20 miles west of Junction.

...and here is a first. This is a "fulgarite", that is, a section of ground pulverized and cooked by a lightning strike.

We let the storms go. Some nice sunset shots of updrafts and anvils from storms long fuzzed out.

Nice landscape and sunset colors near Junction TX.

Yes, we sat sipping Tecate, eating chips and salsa watching the sun disappear.

Adios to another lost chase day....