Chase 2001

Lubbock Chase then long, long, long drive to Castle Rock Colorado.

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Wouldn't you know it? Pattern setting up in reasonable fashion near Lubbock. However Thom and Bruce have to leave from Denver the next morning.

Forecast Surface Pattern for the afternoon had surface low forming in east-central CO. Good southeasterly flow through the South Plains of TX into the Panhandle.

This set up a strong directional shear pattern with NW flow aloft and SE flow at the surface. Forecast storm motion in this kind of setup was due south.

Same flow with decent strength at 250 mb.

CAPE was forecast to be more than sufficient.

Surface to 3 km helicity indicated that low level shear was also favorable.

We set up near Silverton, TX and waited hopoing that a low level cumulus field would develop.

CAPE values began to develop as progged, while CIN disappeared.

Moisture convergence was maximum was bit west of our location.

Supercell composite index was also favorable.

Storm relative helicities very nice in the 0-3 km layer, but deep layer shear was unidirectional (not shown).

LCLs kind of high. Not much risk this day of anything significant happening, but we hoped.

Ta da. Low level cumulus field develops.

Storm Forms Right Over Our Heads.

Storm splits (looking north) before it can do anything. More impressive storms to our west.

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