May 27 and 28


After driving 450 miles to drop Bruce and Thom off at Denver International Airport, I raced southward to Pueblo and then east towards Kansas to join Chuck and Vickie Doswell in Dodge City. Along the way, near La Junta, a storm developed to the north. This storm briefly had some supercellular structure. Note the base on the west side of the storm (looking north).


The storm briefly developed a wall cloud, but rapidly weakened after that. After passing through a "haboob" (dust storm caused by outflow from a thunderstorm) in western KS, and never catching up to the tornado warned storm that Chuck and Vickie were on, we met up in Dodge City, KS.

The next day (May 28) we drove around the Panhandles of Oklahoma and TX...but the pattern was stymied by cold, stable air, despite the presence of great "dynamics" (associated with a nice wave that came out of New Mexico). We spent the overnight in Lubbock.