May 29 -- Weak Tornadoes -- Lockney, TX Supercell

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As the storm continued its evolution, it did turn to its right and was moving off of the hodograph. We were too close to see much structure, but other chasers further east got tremendous shots of the rotating top under which we were standing.

This is the wall cloud just east of Kress, TX around 7PM. Note the next storm further north. That storm also did not become tornadic since it was ingesting the same lower dew point air south of the windshift line. The F4 White Deer tornado was on the storm just north of that.


A similar shot, taken around 15 minutes after the previous picture. Note the possible weak tornado and forming beaver tail.


This is an animated reflectivity loop. Note the giant supercell east of Childress near the Oklahoma border. That is our storm.


Under the mesocyclone, just before a weak tornado formed.


The main updraft crosses Highway 70 east of Kress. Chuck and Vickie Doswell are just to my north, and the scud to the right of the road is a forming weak tornado.


Three still images showiing the scud. It had multivortex structure and was directly under rapidly rotating base.


To see the whole thing in fast motion, click on the link to the QuickTime Video at right. (Caveat: to get the detail necessary, I had to make this a very large .MOV file....25MB...unless you have DSL, forget it!!)


Quicktime Video of Weak Multivortex Tornado (~25 mb)