Violent Supercell Outbreak

May 3, 1999

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Updated 12/7/01

Supercell and Tornado Tracks, 3 to 4 May 1999

500 mb at 00 UTC 4 May 1999

CAPE at 2000 UTC 3 May 1999

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Base Reflectivity, 1/2 Deg Tilt, TLX 0000 UTC 4 May 1999: Monstrous Hook Over Moore, Oklahoma (7 miles south of Oklahoma City)


Radial Velocity, 1/2 Deg Tilt, TLX 0000 UTC 4 May 1999: Strong Couplet shows Mesocyclone Associated With Hook

(Source: WeatherTap Live Imagery)


Detailed Base Reflectivity, 1/2 Deg Tilt, TLX 0032 UTC 4 May 1999 showing large hook passing through Moore. Thin white line (A-B) shows transect of cross-section (right). White area on image probably indicates debris.


Reflectivity Cross-section along line A-B through hook (on plan view to left). White area probably represents debris being lofted to 5 km.

Source for both this image and the one to the left : Wonderful Website Assembled by Travis Smith

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