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Tornado forming near Miami, TX 5/28/94

Photo by Thom Trimble

The tornado (view to due west) formed at around 8PM CDT and was about 8 kilometers away from the camera at this point. The parent thunderstorm had developed on the south-facing slope of the Caprock in the Canadian River Valley northeast of Amarillo. Great structure is evident in the wall-cloud with the cloud striations indicative of a mesocyclone.

See Bruce Haynie's excellent photo showing this storm at a distance. Excellent view of the structure from a different perspective.


Rope-stage of Tornado on the Prarie Near Miami, TX 5/28/94

Photo by Thom Trimble

This shows the tornado at around 8:25 PM CDT. The bell-shaped wall-cloud was impressive throughout its life-history, but never more so than at this moment. Note the abrupt vertical wall on the right (northeast) side of the cloud structure. Note also the rain and some large hail which had been wrapping around the back side of the mesocyclone.

Tornado near Miami, TX 5/28/94

Photo by Thom Trimble

This photo (view to northwest)shows the tornado at around 8:18 CDT in a weakening state just prior to the large picture above. Note the bell-shaped wall cloud with the abrupt vertical edge on the northeastern (right) side.

The storm originally was a Low Precipitation (LP) supercell, but became more "classic" with considerable precipitation in the forward flank just prior to tornadogenesis.

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