Photographs of Sweetwater, TX Tornadic Supercell

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Wallcloud and Mesocyclone South of Sweetwater, TX 4:45 PM CDT, 5/31/95

Photo by John Monteverdi

The mesocyclone over Sweetwater remained nearly stationary for about 1 hour but then became wrapped in rain and hail as the mesocyclone "occluded". The storm then either translated or discretely propagated south-southeastward through the western sections of the Abilene area and, then, more or less on a straight path southeastward to east of Ballinger and finally about 90 miles southeast of San Angelo.

Lightning Strike Causes Grass Fire Near San Angelo, TX, 7:15 PM CDT, 5/31/95

Photo by John Monteverdi

This spectacular photo is very similar to Chuck Doswell's of the same cloud feature. There were several reports of tornadoes from this section of the storm and we believe the public was reporting the lightning-generated smoke plume as a tornado. We did see what might have been a brief tornado (unphotographed) on the rain-free base much further southwest.
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