Metr 798/698 Scheduling

698 students MUST be able to meet with their Lead Forecasters/Mentors at the times indicated (this hour counts as 1 hour of the total 698/798 committment).

This schedule begins on Thursday September 2.


Check out the various products available from our own California Regional Weather Servcer and other sources of forecasting information across the country in the production of displays and weather forecasts.




Dart, Monday, Forecasts; Tuesday, Display.

Billy, Tuesday, Forecast; Thursday,Display.

Ted, Wednesday, Forecasts; Friday,Forecasts/Display.

Dan, Thursday,Forecasts; Friday,Display.

Leads Should IMMEDIATELY Setup Coordination Meeting To Discuss:

Permanent Displays:

ANALYZED charts.


Rotating Displays:

Case Studies

Rainfall at SFSU.


Metr 798 Schedule:

D. Jones Th 10-12; F 8-9

D. Mims M 9-11; Tth 9:30-12:30

B. Poon T Th 9-10:30

T. Schlaepfer WF 9-12

Note: Leads Will Evaluate Their Interns

Metr 698 Schedule:

A. Gaul MWF 9-10

M. Herring MTW 9-10

D. Jergensen Th 9-11, F 10-11

M. Krueger T 9-10 + 2 more hours

J. Navidi T 11-1PM + 1 hour with mentor above schedule

A. Sellers MW 9-10:30

Other students who wish to add MUST select one of the mentors to work with at the hours indicated above. Also, please remember that each unit means 3 hours per week. That's one hour for our group discussion session, and two hours of forecasting sessions with the Lead Forecasers. Missing any session will result in grade penalties in the same manner that the group discussion session is graded.